First Aid Training for Tour Guides


First Aid for Tour Guides

First Aid Training for Tour Guides

South-Africa is definitely a Country blessed with many great landscapes and attractions. The tourism industry is an ever growing asset to our Country. First aid training for tour guides is vitally important to ensure the safety of the tourists. The tour guide has tremendous responsibility. Not just to show clients a good time, but also to keep the safe at all cost.

We don’t usually associate much risk to the industry. We have tourists from all over the world that would like nothing more than a great safari. We all know that being in the bush can have its dangers. There are countless risks when you are in nature. As a tour guide, it’s important to know how to handle any injury you might face. First thought might be snake bite, or insect bites and stings. This is just some of the obvious risks. As a tour guide, you must be able to take care of your clients from the minute they are in your care. This means that your clients might be at risk much more than you think. First aid training for tour guides will cover all the obvious risks, as well as the risks you might not even think of.

Even though, sunny South-Africa has much to offer, there are unforeseen elements that can cause you clients harm. You might be high jacked, or get into a car crash on your way to the safari. This means that essentially you have just as much risk as anybody else. Not knowing what to do during a serious injury can mean the difference between life and death. It’s always best to prepare for any imaginable incident.

Most likely as a tour guide, you will never see any serious injuries. Being prepared for the worst case is the responsible thing to do. Our first aid training for tour guides will make sure that you are prepared. Tourists often put all their trust in the tour guide. The last thing you want is a tour guide without the knowledge and skill to handle any situation.

First Aid Training for Tour Guides Bookings

Our first aid for tour guides course is HWSETA accredited. We suggest a level 2 first aid course for all tour guides. During this course snake bites will be included. The level 2 first aid course will be slightly more advanced than what the average person will require.

We offer this course to both individuals and groups. If you require more information regarding the level 2 first aid course, feel free to contact us.

First Aid for Schools


First Aid for School Teachers & Students

First Aid for Schools

We all know that children reach a certain age where they like to explore. They are not always mature enough to understand that their actions can cause serious injuries. Children are extremely susceptible to injuries, whether they are at school or at home. It’s not always in the control of teachers or their care takers to prevent injuries. All schools should have a trained first aid team. We offer our first aid training to school children and their teachers. First Aid for Schools should be compulsory.

We often hear of children that saved the life of their friends or family. Without the required first aid training, these children might have panicked. If you teach a child the basics of first aid, the gain enough confidence to attend those in need. We must never underestimate the power of a child with adequate knowledge.

A level one first aid course will be sufficient in most cases. During the course, children and their teachers will learn to assist any the basic injuries. This includes cuts, scrapes and even broken bones. Not having emergency assistance swiftly can potentially cause a lot of damage. Especially on the sports field, injuries can happen all the time. A very dangerous injury included in the course is neck and spinal injuries. If the teacher or students understand the seriousness of this injury and how to treat it, it can be lifesaving.

Our level one course will include all the practical requirements to assess and treat most injuries that can happen at schools. We offer a substantial discount to larger groups. We recommend that every teacher should have first aid.

First aid for schools must actually be included in the school curriculum. Not knowing the basics can cause a lot of pain and future health problems. Children are often left at home unattended. If they have the necessary skills, the might be able to attend to themselves. This can take a lot of stress of the parents. First Aid for schools can be done nationwide at your school, depending on the number of students.

First Aid for Nannies and Preschool Teachers

For nannies and preschool teachers, we recommend a level 2 first aid course. This course will include CPR for infants and small children.

If you need more information regarding first aid for schools, please complete our contact form anywhere on our website. We will contact you as soon as possible.

First Aid Training for Employees


First Aid Training for Employees

First Aid for Employees

Our employees are probably the most important part of our business. It’s vitally important to make sure that they are taken care of at all times. It’s not only compulsory by law, but a very essential benefit. First aid training for employees can ensure that if somebody gets injured at the workplace, someone will be there to assist.

Legally every employer should have a functional health and safety program. A large part of this system is the people you appoint to run the system. First Aid training for Employees is a major part of this program. You need to make sure that you cover at least every shift and department with a first aider. Not having a first aider on-site during an accident can be devastating to your company. Not only does first aid training for employees safeguard the employer, it also ensures that if there is any injury, the employee will be taken care of.

We provide accredited first aid training for employees. We understand the importance of production in your company. Thus, we do our best to be as flexible as possible. We can offer on-site training if you have more than 10 employees attending. We do our best to make sure that your employees are competent and back at their work stations as soon as possible.

If you have a single employee, we can include them in a prearranged date. Unfortunately if, there are less than 10 students; we can’t do on-site training. If you have a large number of students, we will be able to arrange a reduced rate.

First Aid Training for Employees – Required Level

In most situations, first aid level 1 will be sufficient for most employees. Unless you have a very dangerous workplace, level 1 first aid will be very effective. We always do our best to aim at the risks of your particular company. Because we have substantial health & safety experience, we know the risks associated with most industries. We focus on your companies specific risks. This ensures that your employees get the best first aid skills possible.

Health & Safety Solutions

We also offer complete health & safety solutions. If you prefer, we can visit your site to give you a basic assessment of what is required at your premises. We offer all the required training and services you require in terms of Health & Safety. We offer a once off service, and monthly safety retainer.

Additionally, we offer all the first aid stock and equipment required by law. Life is a one stop health & safety solution. Getting first aid training and equipment for your employees is the smart thing to do. Let us provide you with a free, no obligation quote.