First Aid Training for Employees

First Aid Training for Employees

In most cases, a first aid level 1 will be sufficient for your employees. If you work in dangerous surroundings, or have dangerous chemicals, a level 2 may be required. First aid training for employees can boost your employees and teach them a valuable life skill.

When your employees complete the first aid training for employees course, the will be able to assist with just about any accident. Our level 1 first aid course will teach your employees the practical aspect of first aid. This skill can be used at home or at work. The law requires you to have at least one first aider and one first aid box for every 50 employees. You must cover every shift. We suggest that you have a competent first aider in every department. This ensures that if your employee is absent from work, you will still have someone available.

We understand the importance of production in your company. We do our best to accommodate you in every way. We can do on-site training if you have more than 10 students. We adapt our course to ensure that the risks associated with your company is covered. For example, if you work with blades, we will increase focus on lacerations. If you are a personal trainer, we will focus more on heart attacks. We do our best to cover every risk associated with your company.

If you require advice on the amount of students, we can offer you the relevant information. By law, you need to appoint your first aider in writing. If you need help with this process, feel free to let us know.

First Aid Training for Employees & HWSETA

If your company pays skills development premiums, you will be glad to know that we are HWSETA accredited. This means that our course is up to the highest standards. It also means that your company can claim from the skills development.

Why Get First Aid Training Employees?

First aid for employees is not only a legal requirement, but also first aiders can be a great asset to the company. Our first aid for employees course ensures that you protect the company and its staff. If you have a serious accident, a first aider can save a life. First aid Training for employees is a fun way to build your team spirit.

Get affordable first aid training for your employees today. We offer discounts for larger groups. If you require additional health & safety training, let u know. We offer all the training required by the OHS act of 93.

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